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Tile Roofing


When most people think of a tile roof, often the traditional Mediterranean style comes to mind. While the look is beautiful, red-and-round is not your only option when choosing a tile roof. Concrete tile, light weight tile and clay tile roofs are as unique as the house or building they cover and are offered in a variety of colors, blends, finishes, shapes and styles to help accentuate an individual’s desired look. Tile Roofing provides the beauty and look you want and the durability to provide years of worry free roofing.

Tile Roofs come in many forms. For more information - Please contact RC Roofing and let us present to you your Tile Roofing options.

Some of the benefits of Tile Roofing are:

  • Architectural style choices
    • Concrete and clay roof tile come in many forms to suit almost any desired architectural style, from authentic Spanish and Mediterranean to New England Colonial, historic, or contemporary
  • Unique style to set apart your home
    • roofing tiles can be flat or round, simulate wood or shakes, or seek to replicate centuries-old roofing materials.
  • Available in dozens of colors
  • Increased Property Value
  • Insurance Discounts
  • Colors and sizes may be blended to achieve stunning architectural results
  • Low maintenance
  • Extremely durable and very long-lasting
  • Fireproof - Class "A" fire resistant as a product and a system.
  • Low life-cycle cost

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More About Tile Roofs:

Tile roofs can be found in almost any climate or region and can withstand some of the most hazardous weather conditions—often outlasting the very building they protect. That protection is what makes tile one of the most appealing alternatives to roofing materials. Its color and design can be tailored for any style of home; its safety provides the “peace of mind” and comfort for homeowners; and its durability enables manufacturers to offer some of the longest warranties inthe roofing industry

To read about the 'Green' aspects of Tile Roofing we have included a link to the Tile Roofing Institute. Please contact RC Roofing if you have any questions.

Tile:  The Original Green Building Solution

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